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DESCRIPTION FAYA:80 is back on the floor with one the most talked-about infrastructure technologies of late– Docker. Project Deployment has always been a hassle that turns many heads in the IT industry. Docker has solved this acute problem faced by our industry to a great extent. It provides an overall consistent environment for the application, right from development to production, irrespective of the platform or infrastructure. The popularity gained by Docker in the recent times is solely due to its power to assemble and manage the applications and their dependencies on a single platform. This flexibility and portability provided by Docker has made it the most sought after technology pivots. Even though there is a vast adoption of docker globally, the rate of its adoption in our community has taken a back seat. This is due to the lack of expertise and fear of failure to overcome the challenges during its initial implementation. The 5th edition of FAYA:80 provides the right platform for the technology enthusiasts to understand Docker as an end-to-end entity right from its basic concepts to its implementation on the cloud. The session will be equally beneficial for System Administrators, Developers, Testers and even the top level Technical and Non- Technical Managers to gain better insights on Docker. The session will provide a chance for the newbies to understand Docker from the scratch and for the experts to get their roadblocks cleared, thereby providing more confidence for both the categories to initiate or fasten its implementation . Join us for the session to explore more. Topics Covered: Docker Concepts VM vs Containers Best Practices Use Cases Docker in the Cloud Live Demo About Speaker The session will be led by Mr. Amal Dev, Technical Analyst, UST Global. He is a full stack web developer with over 10 years of experience focusing on Microsoft Technologies. Being a passionate developer of web and desktop applications, he is currently involved in delivering applications for the enterprises which includes Fortune 500 companies. He won the Microsoft MVP Award in 2016 for his exceptional contribution to the development community. He is also an active blogger who regularly writes about technologies such as ASP.NET Core, Docker, ASP.NET MVC and many more


Date: 19th of October, 2017 5:19:00 pm - 19th of October, 2017 7:19:00 pm
Venue: Cyberpark, Kozhikode.
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