54th edition FAYA:80 Content

The 54th edition of FAYA:80 deals with Bitcoin, the digital payment system which is an open-source software implementation of Blockchain. Simultaneously hailed as the next big thing and criticized as a scam, most of us are caught in the crossfire of myths and hypes surrounding Bitcoin. The need of the hour is a simple and objective understanding of what exactly Bitcoin is, what it means to the global financial system and how you can own, transact with and secure your own Bitcoin. It will be an opportunity for newbies as well as those who have already dabbled quite a bit in Bitcoin. The session will be led by Rakesh B. S. and Jikku Jose, co-founders of Qucentis & BIGOrg. Topics Covered: Introduction The What, Why & How of BitCoin Transacting with & Securing BitCoin Live Demo Live URL: https://youtu.be/DMl2X6CQOZc


Date: 1st of November, 2017 5:00:00 pm - 1st of November, 2017 6:30:00 pm
Venue: Faya, Thejaswini, Technopark
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