Kerala Startup Mission, in association with Government of Kerala, provides incubates with research assistance, prototype developing assistance etc in their respective fields. Our mentoring team includes both technical experts who are in different sectors and business experts who provide business and marketing assistance etc. Mentors will support the startups to develop a product or service using advanced technology solutions and help them to achieve their goal. Our active mentors includes:

Shalini Priya

Shalini Priya

Program Director, Zone STartups India
Vinod  Subramaniam

Vinod Subramaniam

Managing Director at Alterneit Lifestyles (P) Ltd
Dilip  Thomas

Dilip Thomas

AI Expert
Anoop  Nambiar

Anoop Nambiar

Director ,Gray Matter Capital
Prasad  Balakrishnan

Prasad Balakrishnan

Maker village
Thomas  Varghese

Thomas Varghese

MD ,Mozanta
Lovegin S

Lovegin S

CEO, Cubeit
Nitin Nair

Nitin Nair

Tony  Thomas

Tony Thomas

Chandy  Kunju

Chandy Kunju


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