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LogX Accelerator Program

LogX Accelerator Program

We are excited to announce the Launch of LogX, a technology Accelerator Program for the Logistics Sector in India, by DP World in partnership with Kerala Startup Mission, Startup Réseau and Invest India.

LogX is a pilot-driven program which will identify and engage with start-ups across the sub-sectors of the logistics industry. Selected start-ups will go through an accelerator program wherein they will get to interact with business unit leaders, internal mentors, and an on-site embedded testing the opportunity that will lead to commercial onboarding and other opportunities with DP World

For more details : Visit the LogX website (

Logistics is an un-cool, un-sexy industry. The industry has been around for centuries but, these are still early days in its disruption by technology. If you are passionate founders with solutions that solve real problems and create meaningful co-innovation opportunities with possible use-cases from Logistics Sector

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