Kerala Infrastructure and Technology For Education

KITE (Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education) is a Govt of Kerala establishment set up to foster, promote and implement modernisation of educational institutions in the State of Kerala, owned by the State or run under the aid of Government. KITE is registered as a Section 8 Company, by transforming the erstwhile IT@School Project, which revolutionised the education system of the State. An Infrastructure division has also been set-up under KITE for upgrading the infrastructural facilities in schools. The spectrum of KITE include Information & Communication Technology, Capacity Building, Content Development, Connectivity, e-Learning, Satellite based education, Support and Maintenance mechanism, e-Governance or other related activities.


The Government of Kerala with the intention of enabling students with basic coding skills and equipping them with the required skill set to kindle their innovation and instill the DIY culture into them at a very young age has initiated the farsighted Learn to Code or the Raspberry Pi Programme.

The Scheme was implemented during the period 2015-2017 by distributing 20,000 raspberry pi kits to students. With the help of KITE more than 20,000 students and 300 faculty members were trained under the scheme.