Kerala Startup Corpus Fund.

Kerala Startup Mission the nodal agency of Government of Kerala for innovation and entrepreneurship in the state has played the pivotal role in development, orchestrating every piece of a vibrant Startup ecosystem. Startups in Kerala are stretching their limits as they focus more on to future technologies and finding solutions for problems in ways not experimented before. We have seen entrepreneurs from Kerala also shining in the limelight of success in international forums. Success stories are written in sectors other than Software and IT also. Kerala technology startup policy 2014 has been implemented and that in turn leads to more proactive measures in the new State IT policy 2017.
According to Kerala IT policy 2017 , Government of Kerala focused funds to start operations and the state shall take participation in the same upto 25% as limited partner. The fund shall be managed as per the rules and regulation Kerala Startup Mission based on the Kerala Technology Startup Policy 2014 Kerala Government for the first time in India launched the Kerala Corpus Fund. A corpus fund of Rs 25 Cr was created with the support of Unicorn Ventures and SEAFund. Out of the 25Crs, 12.5Crs was given by the Government and the remaining was put in by the funds.
By using the Kerala Startup Corpus Fund , 6 investments have been made so far on startups from Kerala namely:
1. GenRobotics
2. Inntot Technologies
3. PerfectFit
4. SectorQube
5. Clootrack
6. Open Bank