Virtual Innovation Platform

Virtual Innovation Platform

Starting new company is difficult and it takes courage, determination and lots of support and assistance from people who have been there before. Similarly the relevance of innovation has resulted in the increasing attention to the process through which ideas and knowledge are transferred from public research organizations to the marketplace.

This Center shall bridge the gap the innovators and industry. As a result, it would become a technology and knowledge transfer center. The Innovation platform shall connect  all the key stake holders viz., academic and scientific researchers, (colleges and Research institutes) , Corporate labs, independent innovators , corporates (including SMEs and startups), people/ organisations looking for solutions to their/societal problems and funding agencies meet.

The Platform would have two tiers

1) a virtual platform where we bring in all technologies to be transferred (this is already done by VSSC/ISRO, CDAC , Sree Chitra etc) , and potential productising /marketing /commercialising players pick up the relevant ideas and meet up/team up with them to realise the same. The presence of corporate players and funding agencies will ensure the requisite funding for such attempts.

2) the ideas that evolve from the discussions and meet up in the virtual platform 'melting pot' shall be given space in our physical space , a multi-disciplinary lab being attempted as part of the TIZ .”

The Platform provides innovators and company founders with an opportunity to refine their commercialization and solicits early-stage feedback from experts as they develop a strategic plan. This program will provide with the assistance needed for a successful startup. The Platform also provides with an option to a start-up company for a licensing opportunity from research institute or university.

The platform is mainly for

  • Technology Transfer officers at research institutions with technologies

  • Researchers and faculty in research institution/university with product ideas interested in commercializing

  • Founders of companies who are interested in licensing  a technology

  • Startup CEOs who are looking for refining their product idea and for establishing industry connects or guidance in making decisions

The Platform is developed by Center for Development in Advanced Computing (CDAC) for Kerala Startup Mission. The platform is nearing completion and will be launched very soon.