Future Technologies Lab

Future Technologies Lab is an initiative by Kerala Startup Mission to provide necessary tools, equipments and infrastructure for Research & Development of emerging technologies and serves as a platform to introduce it to startups and students.

Thrust Areas

The current key focus areas for Innovation and Research at Future Technologies Lab are:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
3. Robotics
4. Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

Major Activities at Future Technologies Lab

1. Junior Fellowship Program
→ Projects / Researches on the lab's thrust areas are done through the junior fellowship program.
→ Degree Passouts with an experience in cutting edge technologies are selected and given the lab infrastructure for self-development and the development of the Kerala startup/ Innovation ecosystem.We give them perfect conditions to evolve into entrepreneurs and innovators.
→ They will be working in the lab on their respective projects for a maximum period of 1 year. All the necessary equipments will be provided by the lab for their Research and Development. They will also be actively involved in the various other product development and skill development initiatives by Kerala Startup Mission and Future Technologies Labs.

2. Events

International Opportunities: Future technologies lab works to give international opportunities by coordinating Events like NASA Space apps Challenge in Kerala. One of the major objectives of the lab includes support to attend international events occurring in different parts of the world which gives exposure to the junior fellows and startups.

Future Spark : 2-day introductory workshop to evangelize the upcoming technologies.

Future Hack : Future hack is a hackathon to solve challenges with latest technologies followed by hiring of the best participants by startups

Future Tech Talks : Monthly 1 future tech talk on any of the latest tech topics is conducted at future technologies lab.

3. Lab Facilities

● General Electronics Workshop : The lab has a wide range of general electronic equipments for the testing of electronic circuits and products. These include Oscilloscopes both mixed and digital, Function generator, Logic analyzer and Spectrum analyzer etc.

● VR / AR Testing and Development : The Lab has a dedicated space for Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality Development. The featured equipments include HTC Vive, Bluetooth Game Pads, and High end Graphics systems for Real Time Rendering for Virtual Reality Applications. The lab will be developing its own full body VR consoles and custom in-house apps for AR,VR and MR.

The more recent equipments like MS Hololens, Oculus Rift etc will be available very soon.

● Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning : The lab consists of a dedicated supercomputer with Tesla P100 - The most advanced Data Centre GPU ever built.

● Brain Computer Interfacing Testing and Development : This section consists of Open Source Bio sensing Tools (EEG, EMG, EKG, and more), which provides the tools necessary to sample the electrical activity of the body with versatile bio sensing microcontroller board.

● Robotics and Aerial vehicles : The Lab has a dedicated space for the development of Robotics and Aerial vehicles. It consists of necessary flight controller boards, Motors etc.

● Development Boards and General Purpose equipment : A wide variety of development boards for almost every possible application is available at the lab and more will be available soon. The range of development boards include Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Intel Development Boards like Galileo, Edison, Curie, etc, Orange Pis, UDOO Neo IOT DEv Board, Node MCUs, and lots more. The more recent development platforms like Intel Curie, Joule Development board, Beagle Bone Blue, etc will be available very soon.

For more details please contact futurelab@startupmission.in/ 0471-2700270