Kochi Metro Technology Innovation Challenge Organized by KSUM
Kochi Metro Technology Innovation Challenge Organized by KSUM
About KMRL-KSUM Technology Innovation Challenge

KOMETIC 2022 is the national innovation challenge jointly organised the Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) and Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM). KMRL-KSUM Technology Innovation Challenge is a contest open to the public to identify a cost effective solution  for various problem statement given by KMRL.

The Innovation Challenge has 2 sectors
The Problem Statement
1. What do you see that the city does not?
Use data sets to look at the city, its mobility network and amenities from a different perspective. Use a technology or design lens to support the city administration to better plan its services or programs. The product/service/concept piece must support the city in one or more of the following areas:
  • Increase ridership of public transport
  • Improve efficiencies of mobility services in the city
  • Help the agency to adopt data driven sustainable business practices
The theme is an effective method to engage innovative minds and crowd source design of services/products that help the city administration or transport agencies provide better service. 
2. The Visualization Challenge
To encourage more participation in Kochi’s urban setting, the visualization challenge has been curated specifically for the creatively inclined, where participants will use data points to make interesting products that exhibit at the city and its transport from a different lens. 
Connecting all modes of Transportation

KMRL at present is operating 22 stations with a daily average ridership of more than 65,000. We are also adding three more stations to our current network within the next few months. With this we are hoping to expand our services to reach more people and create a well-connected system to further provide a positive thrust to our mission. Along with the growing infrastructure, we plan to use relevant technologies to provide better urban mobility services for the masses.

Currently to provide KMRL service to the masses, we use Kochi1 mobile application developed by Axis Bank with which users can book Kochi Metro tickets. We are hoping to expand similar solution to connect all modes of transportation in Kochi in a cost effective and sustainable manner. 

For eg., If a commuter wants to travel from his/her home to work place there would be three or four commute interchange required if he is using public transportation as mentioned in the diagram below. 

Critical Dates
Aug 2022
Announcement of Event & Problem Statement
Oct 2022
Last date of Apply 
Oct 2022
Last date to Apply
Oct 2022
Bootcamp for Ideathon shortlisted participants
21 - 22
Oct 2022
Hackathon Event
G3B, Thejaswini, Technopark Campus, Kariyavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala 695581
Contact: Varun G
Email: varun@startupmission.in