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OriKnoIS Status: Minimum-Viable-Product

OrisysIndia recommends education through online channels which reduce the cost and time in learning and also save money. It will potentially eliminate corporate training travel budgets, save 50% in training time (one to three weeks versus six months), and cut an estimated 40% to 60% in conventional classroom training costs. Printing of large training manuals are virtually eliminated, as e-learning is infinitely flexible. Nature of the media allows for rapid course development and deployment, meaning that the key messages are always up-to-date. Learning can occur across borders and time zones with a continuity of message not ordinarily found in classic instructor-led training. Studies suggest that comprehension levels and retention rates derived from e-learning may be up to 250% better than traditional methods. Progressive CRM integrated E-learning solutions OriIKnolS is an e-learning software from the stables of Orisys Consultancy Services. A path breaking revolutionary product its has many new features to its advantage. ORIKnolS very much dene an e-learning software solution. Deployable in multiple environments with the ability to scale up on a progressive basis ORIKnolS has all it takes to revolutionize e-learning and takes e-learning to a whole new level. The software is dynamically scalable across various verticals and can be deployed across various environments that means you can have ORIKnolS the way you want it. You existing infrastructure can be easily adapted to deploy OriKnolS .