o Rent Subsidy will be extended only to product startup companies at scale up space o The company should be registered as a startup and should have DIPP startup registration to avail this benefit of rent subsidy
o Company should be operational in Kerala and shall have at least 70% of employees with Kerala domicile
o The company should have atleast 10 employees and of which 70% of them shall be from Kerala
o The company should have an annual revenue of atleast Rs.50 Lakhs or should have received equity funding of atleast Rs.150 Lakhs from external sources
o The maximum area eligible for a company will be 10000 sq.ft or 70 sq.ft/employee whichever is less
o The rent subsidy will be available for companies operating in Government Parks or any other locations owned or leased by Govt. agencies

Extent of Support

The support is extended to only startups in scale up stage, and limited to the following:

o Maximum period of assistance is 3years and the subsidy will be given to companies which shows a year on year growth in revenue at least 50%
o The assistance will be given to only during the period in which company continue as a startup and meet all regulatory compliances
o Companies who have dues pending against them from any of the Government agencies will not be eligible for the subsidy
o The rent subsidy will be given only as a reimbursement to the company, after making actual payment of rent to the Government Park concerned


o The assistance would be given to them only during the period in which company continue as a startup (only until 7 years from the date of registration) and meet all regulatory compliances.
o The scheme is applicable only from the date of issue of G.O i.e, 21st May 2018
o The scheme being a re-imbursement, the company should submit the receipts of payments made towards rent amount to the authorities (Govt owned park/leased by Govt.agencies to be submitted) upon which the amount will be re-imbursed on quarterly basis.

Forms to be submitted:

o Application along with signed undertaking
o Detailed Project Report including Financials
o Business Plan of the proposed incubator