Technology Innovation Zone

With the world changing at a radical space, the 21st century will need more entrepreneurs than ever before in all domains. While the need to create more jobs is becoming imperative against an uncertain global economy, it is equally important to ensure that the jobs are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. To achieve this goal, an entrepreneurial ecosystem is the future roadmap. Innovation & Incubation is not something that can be or not limited to one sector. Technology Innovation Zone by the Government of Kerala is the next step towards entrepreneurship development which starts from building a talent pipeline from schools and colleges and ending with Initial Public Offer for Startups. The Technology Innovation Zone is built over an area of 13.2 acres of land in Kalamassery with the support of Government of Kerala and Government of India. Kerala Technology Innovation Zone is envisioned as a one stop shop for technology innovation, where everything from the consolidating of the idea, to its incubation, to mentor support for setting up a successful enterprise and even a squadron of angel investors ready to invest in a bankable idea is present. The TIZ acts as a self sustained ecosystem which serves all the interests of the young innovators and entrepreneurs, so that all the time and energy that they have goes into product development and not the peripherals such as worrying about the law and lack of funding or infrastructural support. Moreover TIZ will host a vast umbrella of sectors under one physical location. This will encourage cross sector cooperation which can lead to innovative new products that can be used for the social good.Each sector such as electronics, agriculture, telecom, IT/ITES, traditional industries etc will be a separate incubator vertical, with a dedicated infrastructure and support system for that vertical. TIZ is proposed to be built in PPP model with the Government of Kerala providing the space and infrastructure for the zone through T TBIC, while the private partners will take care of the rest. The zone will also hold separate research facilities for different sectors which will be funded by the private partners. These facilities will actually spearhead the innovation process that happens in the zone. Dedicated areas will be provided for angel investors and other interested parties in the zone who are interested in investing in any of the sectors. The zone shall act as a venue for international conferences, tech expos and workshops conducted by industrial leaders and global players from various sectors. By encouraging traditional industries into the zone, it is expected that the sector would get a much needed technology upgradation and a greater national and even international market access, which will ultimately result in the resurrection of the sector. It will also help in consolidating the scattered human resources in this sector under one roof thus enabling easier market access for their products. The zone will provide ample opportunities for cross vertical/sectored interactions which may lead to innovative new products or solutions that maybe useful for the society as a whole. The Government of Kerala has designated Kerala Startup Mission as the agency to setup and operate the Technology Innovation Zone.