Over the years many programmatic interventions have been introduced in the Startup ecosystem, whose core role is to serve as intermediaries between the start-ups and the complex landscape of resources in the ecosystem. On a broad level, these intermediaries support startups by linking them to the resources embedded in the local ecosystems like education, mentoring, networking, physical infrastructure, funds, beachhead market etc. The most popular examples of such programmatic intermediaries are startup challenges, venture studios, Startup showcasing, incubators and accelerators.
Accelerator program in Kerala
Most of the Government-led accelerators typically have one of two main goals:
  • to bring new entrepreneurs into an area or
  • to retain skilled entrepreneurs by helping them Scale. KSUM had launched accelerator programs since 2017 in India on multiple thematic verticals with support & patronage of various partners.
One of the earliest Accelerator programs was in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY). The accelerator was named ‘K-EY Accelerator’ and aimed at supporting early stage startups to firm up their problem statement and validate their business model with the support of the expert guidance of the EY team.
Accelerator programs from KSUM
Green Innovation Fund
GIF is a grant-linked Accelerator program for Social Impact (Tech based) Startups to build and scale products / services which can create sustainable social, economic and environmental Impact. GIF is a 6-month intensive Accelerator Program designed to help startups establish proof of concept and get customer feedback/insights. This is a Founder-first program and works closely with Founders, forming a small cohort of founders who could learn from each other.
LogX is an initiative by DP World in partnership with Kerala Startup Mission, Startup Réseau and Invest India to enable smarter trade by leveraging massive opportunities offered by digital technology. At DP World, we seek to make trade ‘smarter’ and aim to improve performance at all stages of the global supply chain, from points of manufacture to points of consumption. The key objective of the program is to develop smart trade solutions to shape the future of the transport and logistics industry.
A 3 month virtual-acceleration program designed to provide industry exposure to startups building technology solutions for the B2B startups. Kerala Startup Mission had rolling out this program to help startups with early traction get market validation for their products, meet with relevant customers and industry leaders, and connect with potential investors.
XR Accelerator
XR Accelerator is one of the programs run by Unity CoE to support enterprise development in the AR, VR, MR and gaming sector. This CoE is a unique collaboration between Unity Technologies and Future Technologies Lab of Kerala Startup Mission designed with the objective of putting India in the AR/VR map of the world.