KSUM considers you as our future partners .We are excited to work with you and also improving your skills. We are distributing Raspberry Pi and electronic kits to school students and invites innovative project ideas from the students. There will be business competitions and best project will be recognised.
You can contact us through the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center (IEDC) spread across 193 colleges all over the state. If your college doesn't have an IEDC ask the principal to apply for the same via an email to vishal@startupmission.in
Any Startups with an innovative Technology product shall be supported by KSUM
We give preference to innovative product based startups.
Maker Village located in KTIZ, Kalamassery Kochi is an electronics incubator promotes Hardware Startups and also you can make use of the digital fabrication facility available in KSUM to make your prototype at an affordable cost.
Fab Labs are rapid prototyping centres.A person with an idea can work on machines and come up with a workable prototype.The Fab labs are used for digital fabrication. More information about the equipments in FABLAB can be seen in this link(http://fablabkerala.in/about)
The application is through online,you can pre-book(http://fablabkerala.in/) a machine you want to use for a particular amount of time either for making prototype. Fab lab visits can also be done online.The FAB lab workshops will be scheduled weekly and will be communicated via social media.
KSUM provides a seed fund of Rs 5 lakhs for startups at an interest rate of 6%. KSUM also connects you with angel investors and venture capitalists for more financial support.
Yes,KSUM connects you with angel investors and venture capitalists for more financial support.
Yes, a single person can apply for incubation.
Not necessarily. Incubation is offered to all potential startups registered anywhere in India but the schemes are applicable to Startups registered in Kerala only.
No,You should have technical knowledge, to implement the project.
No, If you have an idea you should identify cofounders who are technically capable to implement the same. KSUM shall support you with Technical mentorship.
Yes, that would be advantageous, not mandatory.
You can network with a lot of people with similar minds in KSUM to find your prospective co-founder in the state.
No we do not provide virtual incubation facility.
Yes, we evaluate your business knowledge using a business plan before incubation.
No, if you are planning to get incubated in KSUM, the idea will be evaluated and given feedbacks about the same. Or else you can apply for the idea day scheme which is a scheme providing grant upto Rs 2 Lakh for an idea.
There is no age limit for applying for incubation
We have a pre-incubation facility, wherein startups will be given 3 to 6 months time to check if the idea is viable. During the pre-incubation period, the startups need not necessarily be incorporated. For entering into the incubation the startup need to be registered a LLP or a PVT LTD company.
The idea should be promising and feasible to the panel of experts evaluating your presentation for you to get selected for incubation.
It depends on your product idea. Maximum 3 years of incubation period will be allowed.
All the experts/mentors associated with KSUM has signed an NDA so as to ensure the confidentiality of the idea.
We look for innovativeness in the idea and fund if its promising and feasible.
Yes, you can get incubated with Startup Mission to get a potential mentors, network with a lot of people in the same lines. The startup shall be under the definition as prescribed by the Government of India.
Please refer to this link (https://startupmission.kerala.gov.in/company/register-part1) for the application form for incubation facility.
Idea Day is an event for pitching select ideas got from IEDC of 193 colleges all over the state and the best ideas will be funded 2 lakhs for making the prototype, and also 10 lakhs for realising the prototype to commercialization.
Idea Day will be conducted in all the offices of KSUM on the first Saturday of every month
In the pre-incubation stage, it is Rs.875 per seat and in the incubation stage, the price is Rs.1750 per seat.
colleges, supporting incubated startups and organizing and conducting events and various other activities. A startup can operate for a maximum of 3 years from Startup Mission
We provide minimum of 1 seat to maximum of 8 seats per startup company.
You can go to this link(https://startupmission.kerala.gov.in/companies) for seeing the list of startups operating from Kerala Startup Mission.
Profoundis, acquired by Full Contact, US.
Yes, all incubated startups are eligble for Startup Kits if applied for it.
Technology Innovation Fellowship Programme is a flagship program for creating awareness among entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state. The fellows selected will be responsible for evangelizing emerging technologies in schools and es.
i) Startup Village and Kerala Startup Mission are not the same.
Students studying in class VIII to class XII will be distributed Raspberry Pi kits
The code will be evaluated by a team of experts and the best ideas will be selected and funds will be brought in to help the students accomplish their projects successfully.
This is for all the college students in Kerala to promote entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state
*To enable the students with coding skills * To promote DIY among the students * To increase the creativity of students * To bring in more projects from the students * To bring in Innovative ideas from the students
Now KSUM has connected with 193 colleges all over the state to spread awareness about the entrepreneurship among young minds.
Now KSUM has connected with 193 colleges all over the state to spread awareness about the entrepreneurship among young minds.
KSUM conducts Idea Day every first saturday of the month and collects innovative and promising ideas to fund 2 lakhs upto the prototype level. Even students will be given 10 lakhs to scale up the prototype into the product
Any startup company incubated with Kerala Startup Mission with their IP protected can apply (Startups in Kerala can apply for the same not limited to incubation)
Individuals can associate as mentors, volunteers, experts, etc with the startup and avail this scheme
Yes, the scheme is also for international IP protection
The scheme is for all the companies incubated in Kerala Startup Mission
Visit www.startupmission.kerala.gov.in and click the link Register>Startups->Apply Now Do you have a brilliant innovative idea? Submit your application form and pitch your idea in front of a panel of experts.
KSUM provides financial support for client visits either abroad or within India.The travel and conference tickets shall be reimbursed to the Startup.
Iphone 6, Ipad Mini, Nexus Phone, Amazon Kindle, 1 TB Hard disk and Arduino Starter Kit will be given.
The aim is to motivate young startup entrepreneurs to build new and innovative products.
As per Kerala Technology Startup Policy, Clause 3.7; An international startup programme would be set up to send the most brilliant startups, college and school students to leading startup destinations around the world for getting global exposure at a young stage. Select college principals and teachers would also be send for gaining international exposure to learn about startup culture in universities like Stanford, Harvard and MIT and see how MOOC’s are being used in various schools and colleges for education. Similarly tie-ups may be setup to bring world class startups to work alongside startups in Kerala for faster learning and cultural exchange. The programme would be executed by K-SUM.
Mainly all Engineering College Students,Polytechnic College Students and now we are trying to implement in all arts & science College Students as well . All faculties of Colleges can also participate in bootcamp activities.
The startup i3 is a platform for students to express their innovative ideas in a group. Brainstorm ideas in a group will help the students to ascertain whether their idea is viable or not. The mentoring sessions is made in such a way that the best ideas will be taken from the group. Innovative ideas will be shown the best path as to how well the same can be executed.
The Startup Leadership Academy is to cultivate the leadership skills among everyone in the State
KSUM regularly organizes workshops for development of the skills in entrepreneurship, management and technology. Adept professionals from top universities will be available to interact and conduct the workshops.
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KSUM provides pre-incubation, incubation and acceleration facilities for startups. KSUM also provides the right mentorship to take the startup to the next level. Industry connects, Funding,Technical guidance,Startup Support,International Exposure,Patent Support,Innovation Grants,Seed funding, etc are provided by Kerala Startup Mission. There are MIT Fab labs to support digital Fabrication, Future Technology Labs to promote future technologies like AI,AR,ML,BCI,VR,Robotics etc. where the startups can make use of it for developing their prototype.
Yes, KSUM supports incubated startups and entrepreneurs. ● 100% payment for travel including the VISA charges (Applicable for one person) ● 50 % payment for travel including the VISA charges (Applicable for two persons) All amounts are re-imbursible and the criteria is as given below ● Receipt for payment of Visa charges or online transaction remittance details ● Original ticket ● Receipt for remittance of ticket charges or online transaction details for the payment ● Boarding pass/ self-certified copy of boarding pass ● Details with route map for online cab services ● Taxi receipts indicating start/end point of journey with total distance, date and vehicle no. ● Details of the program (Mail) ● Report on the programme attended
KSUM regularly conducts events across the state.There are 193 Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Centers in colleges and each IEDC conduct hackathons, Ideathons,Bussiness modelling sessions,Design thinking workshops,Technical workshops etc. Apart from the college events KSUM have a network of community partners who conduct events across the state. For Example Startup Weekend by Head Start, Social Entrepreneurship sessions by Villgro, Technical workshops by Hackster Kerala, Tinker hub, Mobconf etc. KSUM also conduct events like IEDC SUMMIT,Seeding Kerala,FAB XL etc
Kerala Startup Mission is the nodal agency to promote the Startups in the State.The State Government is implementing the Technology Startup Policy through Kerala Startup Mission. KSUM has 3 offices in Kerala - Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut.

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