Kerala Startup Ecosystem

Kerala Startup Ecosystem

Kerala is on the tipping point of a big social revolution. After focusing and building tourism in the State, Kerala has now single-mindedly focused on building a successful startup ecosystem. The youth of the state are eager to pursue their dreams and create their own enterprise rather than move the beaten track of regular employment. Various social economic and demographic factors add to the paradigm shift and the Government of Kerala has been proactively working on this by creating various programmes to inculcate an entrepreneurship culture in the impending young generations of the state. The years from 2010-2020 has been declared as the ‘Decade of Innovation” by India. The latest National Science Technology and Innovation Policy 2013 (NSTI), is in furtherance to this declaration. Unlike other existing Global Innovation Systems, The National STI Policy aims at innovation for inclusive growth, ensuring access, availability and affordability of innovation to as large a population as possible. Special emphasis has been given to bridge the gap between the STI system and the socio-economic sectors.

Kerala towards the end of this decade is witnessing a wave of innovative and entrepreneurial efforts from discrete sectors. The startup ecosystem is well equipped to mark the next quantum leap. Every block an entrepreneurial ecosystem needs is in place. Kerala posses a unique model of connecting academics, industries, R&D institutions and startups, apart from other Startup Ecosystems in the country.

Government of Kerala initiated the movement through KSUM by forging and implementing a forward-looking policy for creating a vibrant start up ecosystem in the state to foster the growth of technology entrepreneurship. Kerala Start up Mission has initiated various steps for setting up a start up eco system in the state.

Kerala Startup Ecosystem Report

A report by Kerala Startup Mission, giving a view on the present startup ecosystem in Kerala and related schemes and facilities offered by the Government of Kerala.

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