Fund of Funds
KSUM is partnering with SEBI accredited Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) to invest in the startups from Kerala. The state government will act as a limiter partner for the funds
Process of Scheme

KSUM will be inviting a Request for Proposal from SEBI accredited AIFs based on Government approval. The RFP document can be downloaded from KSUM website or the e-tender website of the Government of Kerala. The applicants are expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms, requirements and other details in the tender document. A pre-submission meeting will be organised for the interested applicants to provide clarifications regarding the tender. The AIFs shall submit their proposal online through the e-tendering portal of the Government of Kerala or directly to KSUM as required by the RFP document before the deadline for submission.

List of Beneficiaries
  • Unicorn India Venture Fund I
  • Salamander Excubator Angel (SEA) Fund
  • Indian Angel Network Fund I
  • Speciale Invest Fund I
  • Unicorn India Venture Fund II
Eligibility Criteria
  • The fund should be registered as Category 1 or Category II Alternative Investment Fund under SEBI AIF Regulations.
  • Other criteria as and when put forward during the Tendering process for selection.
Selection Criteria
  • The Bidders should submit all required documentation as per the criteria mentioned in the RFP. Based on the review and evaluation of the applicants/AIFs, the funds will be selected. 
Benefits of Scheme
  • The scheme will attract VC funds to the state and the fund will have a large corpus of funds for startups. 
  • The funds will have access to the Kerala startup ecosystem and any activities organised or supported by KSUM. 
  • The funds will be having a monthly facilitation program for interacting with Kerala based Startups. 
  • The technology startups in the scaling up stage can connect with the investors  to raise equity based investments for their growth. 
  • The scheme will provide opportunities for branding and promotion of the fund in all startup events organized by KSUM.
Outcome of Scheme
The AIFs can source potential startup deals from the Kerala ecosystem for investments. The technology startups in the scaling up stage can connect with the investors and raise equity based investments for their growth. Furthermore, the startup founders can leverage on the network of investors to support their efforts to scale up the business and to connect with more investors for future rounds.