Startup Policy

Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) have been actively initiating various programmes for developing the student entrepreneurship in the state. Government of Kerala declared the 'start up policy' with an aim to accelerate the growth of student entrepreneurs. KSUM being the nodal agency for implementing the Startup policy have come up with various schemes for the effective implementation of the policy. The schemes covers a broad area from schools, colleges and to young entrepreneurs. The policy defines Incubator as Technology Business Incubator recognized either by the Central or State Government while ’Start Up’ as innovation based technology firm registered under the Companies Act and within 3 years of incorporation.

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Learn To Code

The Government of Kerala with the intention of enabling students with basic coding skills and equipping them with the required skill set to kindle their innovation and instill the DIY culture into them at a very young age has initiated the farsighted Learn to Code or the Raspberry Pi Programme. The project office of IT@School, under the Department of Information Technology, Government of Kerala is responsible for providing hands on training for the students of Government, aided and unaided schools. IT @ School provides training for select students and faculty at their regional and local centers. The initiative of the Government was to impart technical knowledge from the school level there by creating skill pool of young talents. As Learn to code programme not on gives access to a new world of innovation but also opens up a window of opportunities to pursue their future dreams.

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Student Entrepreneurship Policy

Over a lakh of students in both Engineering and non engineering students graduate every year in Kerala. there are a significant number of students who have valuable entrepreneurial ideas which do not germinate and grow to completion, for want of the necessary environment and support. Allowing students both engineering and non-engineering, to start working on innovative ideas even while in universities, colleges and polytechnics, could contribute significantly to the growth a robust entrepreneurial eco-system in the state. Government of Kerala recognises that it is imperative for growth of Kerala to support home grown companies through a specific incentive for student start up companies. TBI aims explicitly at incubating enterprises with high or advanced technology content. A typical TBI provides its clients with a comprehensive range of services, not only the rental space at an affordable price but also a full range of business and specialized services aimed at intensifying technology utilisation. TBIs generally have strict admission and exit criteria and the entrepreneurial firm is expected to graduate from the business incubator in a stipulated amount of time or upon meeting specific growth criteria (revenues, employees), whichever is the earliest. Under the student entrepreneurship initiative, three stages will be recognised in the incubation process. For more details download 'Student Entrepreneurship policy'

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC)

The Government of Kerala has taken pioneering effort to bring about a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst its youth. For the first time in the nation, the State had announced the landmark “Student Entrepreneurship Policy” and kept aside 1% of the budget to promote young entrepreneurs. To promote Entrepreneurship and to create an enabling policy framework for the same, the state now plans to bring all these programs under one umbrella and will with a “startup and innovation policy”. In the view of above Kerala startup Mission formerly (Technopark Technology Business Incubation) has been elevated as the nodal agency for implementing the entrepreneurship and innovation related projects of the state government, one such programme is the Startup Boot Camp.Startup Village for Engineering colleges and KSIDC for Non-Engineering Colleges will be the implementing the Startup Boot Camp across state, while T-TBI supports them with guidance.The Government of Kerala has created the “Startup Boot camp” Program wherein it is envisaged to create a startup ecosystem in each and every college campus through active involvement of students. Boot camp is a student-focused program that will be completely run by students.

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Startup Leadership Academy

Startup Leadership Academy, envisions the creation of a dynamic learning system in the state. Leadership Academy aims to redefine the pedagogy in the state by moving towards a method of teaching which provides greater impetus to learning through experience. Through the leadership academy students of the state will have the opportunity to directly interact with foremost Subject Matter Experts from...

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International Entrepreneurial Exchange Programme

The International Entrepreneurship Exchange Programme is a combination of schemes aimed at giving the students and young entrepreneurs of the state maximum exposure to the international startup ecosystems and also to foster cooperation between startup ecosystems across the world.The programme...

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Startup Box

The Kerala government has introduced a scheme 'Start-Up Box program' with the Kerala Start-Up Mission (KSUM) for aspiring entrepreneurs in the state. Government of Kerala has taken pioneering effort to bring about a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation amongst its youth.Start-up Box is designed to distribute startup kits to various technology and industry verticals. The Start-Up Box Program...

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Patent Support Scheme

During the budget speech of FY 2015-16, Govt. of Kerala has proposed a new scheme called Patent Support Scheme, in which the means of support are provided to student entrepreneurs who are able to secure a...

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