Marketing Support Scheme
Kerala Startup Mission with an aim to support startups on their marketing initiatives has come up with a scheme to subsidize the product video development. Those who have good products and are at the early revenue making stage shall be selected for the scheme.
The support provided for the scheme are as follows:
1. Product videos
2. Explainer Videos
3. 70% of the actual cost with a ceiling of 1.5 lakh shall be provided by KSUM.
4. Maximum 2 videos can be developed through the scheme for the startup product.
5. The scheme shall be available for new projects and videos developed for startups and the same should be done through the empaneled agency of KSUM.

Stall, Product Showcasing support and Event tickets
The startup with a viable product needs marketing support as to showcase their product to
national and international conferences. Startups often find it difficult to showcase their
product in such forums. KSUM has the scheme of marketing support and under the same
such requests from startups are reimbursed. To make the process effective and to support
more startups with products and scale up startups it is recommended to formulate a
scheme which helps the startups to pitch their product to different markets.
The proposed model shall be as follows:
1. Startup with a MVP shall be considered for the scheme
2. Scale up startups shall be given preference
3. 50% of the actual cost may be paid to the startup mission as registration fee and KSUM shall bear the actual cost of setting up stalls and product showcasing for national and international events.
4. 25 % of the actual cost of Entry tickets may be paid to the startup mission as registration fee and KSUM shall bear the actual cost for the entry tickets for the events for national and international events.
5. 20% of the actual cost of entry tickets, setting up of stalls may be paid as registration fee to KSUM and KSUM shall be taking the actual cost of the event for domestic events.
6. One startup can avail the scheme up to a ceiling of 5 lakh for 3 years.
7. A startup can avail this scheme for a time period of 3 years.
8. The scheme can be availed from the date of incorporation and shall continue for
three years, the three years shall be calculated from the period of availing the scheme.
9. The Startup should be registered with DPIIT and should have Unique ID Number
10. Startups may be extended additional support based on the quality of the product,
increase in revenue and the importance of events they are planning to attend.

Process of availing the scheme
  • Startup has to apply online to KSUM much in advance before applying for the event
  • KSUM shall evaluate and approve the same based on the actual need of the event based on the startup product
  • Once the project is approved the startup has to pay the % of registration fee to KSUM and KSUM shall be paying the fee to the concerned event.