Support to Startup
Name: Revised Guidelines for utilization of Innovation Grant
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.106/2023/ITD
Date fo Issue: May 22, 2023
Name: Reconstitution of Investment Committee to consider the proposals related to Kerala Specific Angel Fund
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.247/2022/ITD
Date fo Issue: Dec 8, 2022
Name: Young Innovators Program
Ref No: 4/2022/PLG&EA
Date fo Issue: Dec 3, 2022
Name: Dairy Innovation Zone
Ref No: 112/2022/DD
Date fo Issue: Aug 26, 2022
Name: Animal Husbandry Innovation Zone
Ref No: 395/2022/AHD
Date fo Issue: Aug 10, 2022
Name: One Family One Enterprise
Ref No: 747/2022/ID
Date fo Issue: Jul 22, 2022
Name: Financial Assistance for Startups in Manufacturing Sector
Ref No: 737/2022/ID
Date fo Issue: Jul 21, 2022
Name: Kerala Innovation Fund
Ref No: 4681/2022/FIN
Date fo Issue: Jun 27, 2022
Name: Sports & Youth Affairs
Ref No: 127/2022/S&YA
Date fo Issue: May 18, 2022
Name: Kerala Industrial and Commercial Policy 2022
Ref No:
Date fo Issue: Jan 1, 2022
Name: KILA Hackathon
Ref No: 1458/2021/LSGD
Date fo Issue: Aug 3, 2021
Name: State government departments providing institutional support to startups
Ref No:
Date fo Issue: Jul 31, 2021
Name: Investment and Disinvestment Committees
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.92/2021/ITD
Date fo Issue: Jul 13, 2021
Name: Special Incentive Scheme for Startups
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.117/2020/FIN
Date fo Issue: Nov 11, 2020
Name: Kerala MSME Facilitation Amendment Ordinance 2020
Ref No: Kl/TV(N)/634/2018-20
Date fo Issue: Oct 25, 2020