Support to Startup
Name: State government departments providing institutional support to startups
Ref No:
Date fo Issue: Jul 31, 2021
Name: Special Incentive Scheme for Startups
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.117/2020/FIN
Date fo Issue: Nov 11, 2020
Name: Kerala MSME Facilitation Amendment Ordinance 2020
Ref No: Kl/TV(N)/634/2018-20
Date fo Issue: Oct 25, 2020
Name: Extending the benefit of public procurement policy for Self Reliance
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.5382/2020/FIN
Date fo Issue: Sep 18, 2020
Name: Working Capital Scheme- Tourism Department
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.270/2020/TSM
Date fo Issue: Aug 14, 2020
Name: Vyavasaya Bhadra Scheme - Covid 19 Support
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.56/2020/ID
Date fo Issue: May 20, 2020
Name: Covid 19 Exemption - Standard Operating Procedures
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.293/2020/ID
Date fo Issue: Apr 18, 2020
Name: Rent Waiver for MSME- Covid 19
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.276/2020/ID
Date fo Issue: Mar 30, 2020
Name: Vyavasaya Bhadra Scheme English
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.362/2020/ID
Date fo Issue: Feb 26, 2020
Name: Unique ID Orders
Ref No: G.O.(Ms)No.14/2018/ITD, G.O.(Ms)No.14/2020/ITD, G.O.(Rt)No.118/2020/ITD
Date fo Issue: Jul 26, 2018