Orders And Policies
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Name: Rent Waiver for MSME- Covid 19
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.276/2020/ID
Date fo Issue: Mar 30, 2020
Name: Additional Guidelines Direct Procurement
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.24/2018/ITD
Date fo Issue: Sep 29, 2018
Name: Working Capital Scheme- Tourism Department
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.270/2020/TSM
Date fo Issue: Aug 14, 2020
Name: Committee to identify products from Startups for Departments
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.197/2019/ITD
Date fo Issue: Sep 30, 2019
Name: Guideline - Technology Transfer and Soft Loan
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.225/2019/ITD
Date fo Issue: Nov 21, 2019
Name: Kerala Startup Ecosystem Report 2019
Ref No:
Date fo Issue: Nov 1, 2019
Name: Permission to all Government department and agencies to procure from Startups and to go for limited tender for IT projects upto Rs 100 Lakhs
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.35/2018/ITD
Date fo Issue: Dec 18, 2018
Name: Kerala Technology Startup Policy 2017 (Included as Sub Point 7 in Kerala State IT Policy)
Ref No:
Date fo Issue: Aug 7, 2017
Name: Guideline - International Exchange Program for Startups
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.97/2019/ITD
Date fo Issue: May 20, 2019
Name: Guideline - Direct Procurement from Startups by Departments
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.19/2017/ITD
Date fo Issue: Aug 4, 2017
Name: Issuing KSUM Unique ID for Startups outside Kerala
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.118/2020/ITD
Date fo Issue: Sep 30, 2020
Name: Enhancing Direct Procurement upto Rs 20 Lakhs
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.36/2018/SPD
Date fo Issue: Sep 17, 2018
Name: Special Incentive Scheme for Startups
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.117/2020/FIN
Date fo Issue: Nov 11, 2020
Name: Scheme for Women Entrepreneurship
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.98/2019/ITD
Date fo Issue: May 20, 2019
Name: Extending direct Procurement limit to Rs 20 Lakhs and Exemptions for Startups in Public Procurement
Ref No: G.O.(Rt)No.36/2018/SPD
Date fo Issue: Sep 17, 2018